Publications of Naftali Raz

Journal Article (42)

Journal Article
Raz, N., & Rodrigue, K. M. (2006). Differential aging of the brain: Patterns, cognitive correlates and modifiers. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 30(6), 730–748.
Journal Article
Raz, N., Lindenberger, U., Rodrigue, K. M., Kennedy, K. M., Head, D., Williamson, A., Dahle, C., Gerstorf, D., & Acker, J. D. (2005). Regional brain changes in aging healthy adults: General trends, individual differences and modifiers. Cerebral Cortex, 2005, 1–14.

Book Chapter (5)

Book Chapter
Raz, N. (2020). Brains, hearts, and minds: Trajectories of neuroanatomical and cognitive change and their modification by vascular and metabolic factors. In D. Poeppel, G. R. Mangun, & M. S. Gazzaniga (Eds.), The cognitive neurosciences (6th ed., pp. 61–79). MIT Press.
Book Chapter
Raz, N. (2019). Aging and the brain. In Perkel, D. J. (Section Ed.: Neuroscience), eLS [Encyclopedia of Life Sciences]. Wiley.
Book Chapter
Raz, N., & Kennedy, K. M. (2009). A systems approach to the aging brain: Neuroanatomic changes, their modifiers, and cognitive correlates. In W. Jagust & M. D'Esposito (Eds.), Imaging the aging brain (pp. 43–70). Oxford University Press.
Book Chapter
Raz, N., & Nagel, I. E. (2007). Der Einfluss des Hirnalterungsprozesses auf die Kognition: Eine Integration struktureller und funktioneller Forschungsergebnisse. In J. Brandtstätter & U. Lindenberger (Eds.), Entwicklungspsychologie der Lebensspanne: Ein Lehrbuch (pp. 97–129). Kohlhammer.
Book Chapter
Raz, N., Rodrigue, K. M., & Haacke, E. M. (2007). Brain aging and its modifiers: Insights from in Vivo neuromorphometry and susceptibility weighted imaging. In M. J. de Leon, D. A. Snider, & H. Federoff (Eds.), Imaging and the aging brain (pp. 84–93). Blackwell.
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