Publications of Michaela Gummerum

Journal Article (8)

Journal Article
Oztop, P., Katsikopoulos, K., & Gummerum, M. (2018). Creativity through connectedness: The role of closeness and perspective taking in group creativity. Creativity Research Journal, 30(3), 266–275.
Journal Article
Ruggeri, A., Luan, S., Keller, M., & Gummerum, M. (2018). The influence of adult and peer role models on children' and adolescents' sharing decisions. Child Development, 89(5), 1589–1598.
Journal Article
Ruggeri, A., Gummerum, M., & Hanoch, Y. (2014). Braving difficult choices alone: Children's and adolescents' medical decision making. PLoS ONE, 9(8), Article e103287.
Journal Article
Malti, T., Gummerum, M., Keller, M., Chaparro, M. P., & Buchmann, M. (2012). Early sympathy and social acceptance predict the development of sharing in children. PLoS ONE, 7(12), Article e52017.
Journal Article
Pachur, T., Hanoch, Y., & Gummerum, M. (2010). Prospects behind bars: Analyzing decisions under risk in a prison population. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 17(5), 630–636.
Journal Article
Gummerum, M., Takezawa, M., & Keller, M. (2009). The influence of social category and reciprocity on adults' and children's altruistic behavior. Evolutionary Psychology, 7(2), 295–316.
Journal Article
Gummerum, M., & Keller, M. (2008). Affection, virtue, pleasure, and profit: Developing an understanding of friendship closeness and intimacy in western and Asian societies. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 32(3), 218–231.
Journal Article
Gummerum, M., Keller, M., Takezawa, M., & Mata, J. (2008). To give or not to give: Children's and adolescents' sharing and moral negotiations in economic decision situations. Child Development, 79(3), 562–576.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Gummerum, M., & Keller, M. (2021). Children's and adolescents' descriptive and prescriptive knowledge about friendship: Developmental, cultural and cohort comparisons. In T. Altmann (Ed.), Friendship in cultural and personality psychology: International perspectives (pp. 141–162). Nova Science Publishers.

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Gerlach, P. (2017). The social framework of individual decisions: 570+1 experiments in (un)ethical behavior [PhD Thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin].
(published online 2018:
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