Publications of Anna E. Karlsson

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Journal Article
Karlsson, A. E., Lindenberger, U., & Sander, M. C. (2022). Out of rhythm: Compromised precision of theta-gamma coupling impairs associative memory in old age. The Journal of Neuroscience, 42(9), 1752–1764.
Journal Article
Karlsson, A. E., & Sander, M. C. (2022). Altered alpha/beta desynchronization during item-context binding contributes to the associative deficit in older age. Cerebral Cortex. Advance online publication.
Journal Article
Karlsson, A. E., Wehrspaun, C. C., & Sander, M. C. (2020). Item recognition and lure discrimination in younger and older adults are supported by alpha/beta desynchronization. Neuropsychologia, 148, Article 107658.
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