Main Focus

  • Ageing and care
  • Transnational retirement migration
  • The phenomenon of unclaimed deaths
  • Post-mortem cleaning work

Curriculum Vitae

2020 -     Researcher, Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung
2012-2020    Professor, University of Rikkyo (Japan)
2008-2012    Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
2002-2008    Research Fellow, Asia Institute, National University of Singapore
2000-2002    Lecturer, University of Hull (UK)
2000            PhD in Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hull (UK)


Comparing public responses towards "unclaimed deaths" in Japan and Germany

Aging, Mobility and Emotional Labour in East and Southeast Asia

Changing the Feeling Rules. How Emotions Reshape Social Relations, c. 1700 to today (Collaborative Project)

Selected Publications

Toyota, M., "Kokodushi Einsame Tode in Japan", Special Issue on "Einsamkeit. Geschichte sozialer Nichtbeziehungen", Berliner Debatte Initial 33.1 (2022): 101-109.

Toyota, M., "Shut-In abroad: Social incapacitation among low-income male Japanese retirees in Thailand", Special Issue on "(Re-)Constructing ageing futures: Insights from migration in Asia and beyond", American Behavioural Scientist, 66.14 (2022): 1896-1911. DOI: 10.1177/00027642221075259

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Toyota, M., "The effects of tourism development on an Akha community: a Chiang Rai village case study", in M. Parnwell (ed.), Uneven Development in Thailand (Avebury: Ashgate, 1996), pp. 226-240.

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