Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group

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Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group

Head: Douglas Garrett

This research group is part of the Berlin site of the Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research and is affiliated with the Center for Lifespan Psychology.

Research Focus

Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group
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Interests within the Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group center on the examination of EEG/fMRI brain signal variability and dynamics in relation to lifespan development, cognition, neurochemistry, network dynamics, and brain structure.

Further information on the group's work can be found here.

Group Leader


Douglas D. Garrett (Head)

Niels Kloosterman
Alistair Perry
Iris Wiegand (Postdocs)

Julian Q. Kosciessa
Liliana Polyanska (Predocs, COMP2PSYCH)

Steffen Wiegert (Research manager)

José Yordan Ramirez
Alexander Skowron (Masters students)

Sarah Polk
Alireza Tarikhi (Research assistants)


Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group



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