Intra-Person Dynamics Across the Lifespan

Human development comprises both short-term variability and long-term change and is embedded in cultural, environmental, and neuronal contexts. Our overarching objective for studying Intra-Person Dynamics Across the Lifespan is to explore theories and research designs that articulate human development across timescales, levels of analysis, and functional domains. At MPIB, Intra-Person Dynamics Across the Lifespan is studied within two independent but related projects:

Intra-Person Neural Dynamics

Intra-Person Behavioral Dynamics

Recent Publications

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Project Leaders

Intra-Person Neural Dynamics

Douglas Garrett

Intra-Person Behavioral Dynamics

Manuel Völkle (adjunct scientist)

COGITO Conference 2016

In October 2016 the international conference entitled "The COGITO Study: Looking at 100 Days Ten Years After“ took place. Various world leading behavioral scientists were invited. More information about the conference can be found here.