Digital Libraries Connected (DLC)

The platform Digital Libraries Connected (DLC) is the result of a joint effort by four Max Planck Institutes of the Humanities and Social Sciences Section – the MPI for European Legal History in Frankfurt a.M., the MPI for Human Development in Berlin, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence and the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome – in close cooperation with the Max Planck Digital Library in Munich. The Project ran under the name of "Digitization Lifecycle" over a period of two years (Feb 2011 - Feb 2013) and received central MPG funding.

The partners aim was to develop a sustainable and reusable software to meet the participating institutes’ demand for a flexible technical infrastructure to support digitization projects, to manage digitized resources, and to present them publicly on an easy-to-use platform that meets scientific requirements.

For this purpose, generic functionalities were developed to index, edit and publish digital works, including tools supporting metadata generation according to established standards and full text search.

DLC as a platform offers, among others, the following functions:

  • Presentation of digital works in collections
  • Presentation of collections by provider
  • Linking of images with metadata (bibliographical data, codicological data, table of contents)
  • Browsing functions
  • Advanced searching in all or selected collections, by all or selected providers
  • Searching in both metadata and full texts
  • Three modes of image resolution: thumbnails, single/double page, full screen.
  • Technical integration of the Digilib-Viewer with functions to zoom, rotate, set contrast, set a mark, etc.
  • Stable citation links (handles) for both work and single pages
  • Display of fulltext next to facsimile
  • Multiple export formats: PDF, METS/MODS, TEI, DFG-Viewer

Backend functions include

  • an easy drag & drop import and a
  • webbased online editor to create and edit structural data (incl. navigable table of contents)

Results of the project have been made publicly available and the DLC-software is available under an open-source license for re-use and shared development. Don't hesitate to contact the project members.

Back-end and front-end of DLC are described in our Guidelines for digitization projects, taking current relevant guidelines into account (e.g., the German Research Foundation’s practical rules for digitization) and offering technical and organizational expertise of the project partners. Special attention was paid to areas such as OCR and markup in TEI for producing full texts.

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Sebastian Nix
(project management at MPIB until April 2017: Ursula Flitner)
Fon: +49 30 82406-230
nix [at] mpib-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de

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