Arrival at the Institute

Arrival at the Institute

Step 1) As soon as possible but within the first two weeks

  • Registration (Anmeldung) with the registration office (Bürgeramt): You need the registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung) for many important things such as opening a bank account to receive your salary in time. To open a bank account, you need to show your national identification document and usually a proof of your German address (Meldebescheinigung).

  • Application for a health insurance, in case this has not been done before. Health Insurance is mandatory for everyone in Germany and regulated by national law. Health insurance arrangements are individual, and therefore coverages may vary by person.

  • Applying for a residents permit (Aufenthaltstitel). The IO will inform you about the documents required and make an appointment at the immigration office for you.

Step 2) Within the first month after arrival

  • Start looking for a long-term apartment (recommended right away). Schufa registration (if applicable): This is a credit check required for apartment applications.
  • Transciption of driving license (if applicable): requires an appointment at the Bürgeramt. Please expect up to two months processing time.

Step 3) Within the first two months after arrival

  • After having received the first pay slip and maybe being more familiar with the German pension scheme. VBL is a compulsory pension insurance with different tarrifs. However, opting-out is in some cases possible but only up to two months after the recruitment has started.
  • Broadcasting fee (GEZ): Anyone staying longer than three months in Germany must register and pay charges for the public radio and television programme to AZDBS (ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice).
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