Between Social Discipline and Pleasure: The Politics and Practices of Play and Games in State Socialism


4 -6  December 2019
Max Planck Institut for Human Development

Juliane Brauer (MPIB), Maren Röger (Universität Augsburg), Sabine Stach (GHI Warsaw)

This conference was the first Hermann-Weber-Konferenz zur historischen Kommunismusforschung, which  is  an  corporation  with "Jahrbuch  für  Historische  Kommunismusforschung"  (Yearbook  of Historical Communism Research) and which is fully financed by "Gerda-und-Hermann-Weber-Stiftung".
The contributions of the conference will be published in the journal "Yearbook of Historical Communism Research" in 2021 and later also on Therefore final articles should be ready in summer 2020.

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