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The British Academy, 27.12.2021, 10 Minutes Talk, Ute Frevert on the politics of humiliation (Link or on youtube).

European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, 11.2.2021, Younger women need role models in order to develop ambition and stamina, interview by allea (All European Academies) with Ute Frevert (Link).

Psyche (Online Magazine), 20.1.2021, The history of humiliation points to the future of human dignity, article by Ute Frevert (Link).


The Times Literary Supplement, 24.07.2020, S. 29, Shaming, review of „The Politics of Humiliation“ by Stuart Walton (Link/Paywall).

BBC Radio 4, 08.06.2020, Start the Week: Our coecive politics, Amol Rajan on humiliation and force in politics, with David Runciman and Ute Frevert  (Link).

Times Higher Education, 08.06.2020, Interview on the book The Politics of Humiliation with Ute Frevert by Matthew Reisz (Link).

Prospect Magazine, 07.05.2020, The Internet has normalised collective shaming. What are the political costs?, review of „The Politics of Humiliation“ by Joanna Bourke (Link).

Literary Review, no. 486, Mai 2020, The Sense of Shame, review of „The Politics of Humiliation“ by Thomas W. Laquer (Link).


Haaretz, A Resignation Worth Emulating, 27.8.2018, Editorial (Link).


The New York Times, 17.9.2017, The World’s Most Powerful Woman Won’t Call Herself a Feminist, Artikel mit Interviewbeiträgen (Link).

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