Main Focus

  • Memory development in early childhood


Lifespan Rhythms of Memory and Cognition (RHYME)

Curriculum Vitae

PhD, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


2022–2024 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship
Propellers of learning and memory in early development

2021–2024 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation):
Individual Research Grant (Project number: 465410548)
Charting the neural bases of episodic specificity and generalization in development

Selected Publications

Ngo, C. T.*, Benear, S. L.*, Popal, H., Olson, I. R., & Newcombe, N. S. (2021). Contingency of semantic generalization on episodic specificity varies across development. Current Biology, 31(12), 2690–2697.e2695.

Ngo, C. T., Horner, A. J., Newcombe, N. S., & Olson, I. R. (2019). Development of holistic episodic recollection. Psychological Science, 30(12), 1696–1706.

Ngo, C. T.*, Lin, Y.*, Newcombe, N. S., & Olson, I. R. (2019). Building up and wearing down episodic memory: Mnemonic discrimination and relational binding. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 148(9), 1463–1479.

Ngo, C. T., Newcombe, N. S., & Olson, I. R. (2018). The ontogeny of relational memory and pattern separation. Developmental Science, 21(2), Article e12556.

* Authors contributed equally

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