Main Focus

  • Memory development in early childhood


Lifespan Rhythms of Memory and Cognition (RHYME)

Curriculum Vitae

PhD, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


2021–2024 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation):
Individual Research Grant (Project number: 465410548)
Charting the neural bases of episodic specificity and generalization in development

Selected Publications

Ngo, C. T.*, Benear, S. L.*, Popal, H., Olson, I. R., & Newcombe, N. S. (2021). Contingency of semantic generalization on episodic specificity varies across development. Current Biology, 31(12), 2690–2697.e2695.

Ngo, C. T., Horner, A. J., Newcombe, N. S., & Olson, I. R. (2019). Development of holistic episodic recollection. Psychological Science, 30(12), 1696–1706.

Ngo, C. T.*, Lin, Y.*, Newcombe, N. S., & Olson, I. R. (2019). Building up and wearing down episodic memory: Mnemonic discrimination and relational binding. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 148(9), 1463–1479.

Ngo, C. T., Newcombe, N. S., & Olson, I. R. (2018). The ontogeny of relational memory and pattern separation. Developmental Science, 21(2), Article e12556.

* Authors contributed equally

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