Publications of Elisabeth S. Blanke

Journal Article (6)

Journal Article
Blanke, E. S., Brose, A., Kalokerinos, E. K., Erbas, Y., Riediger, M., & Kuppens, P. (2020). Mix it to fix it: Emotion regulation variability in daily life. Emotion, 20(3), 473–485.
Journal Article
Blanke, E. S., Riediger, M., & Brose, A. (2018). Pathways to happiness are multidirectional: Associations between state mindfulness and everyday affective experience. Emotion, 18(2), 202–211.
Journal Article
Blanke, E., Rauers, A., & Riediger, M. (2016). Weißt du, was ich fühle? Empathische Fähigkeiten im Lebensverlauf. The In-Mind, 1.
Journal Article
Blanke, E., Rauers, A., & Riediger, M. (2016). Does being empathic pay off? Associations between performance-based measures of empathy and social adjustment in younger and older women. Emotion, 16(5), 671–683.
Journal Article
Blanke, E. S., Rauers, A., & Riediger, M. (2015). Nice to meet you: Adult age differences in empathic accuracy towards strangers. Psychology and Aging, 30(1), 149–159.
Journal Article
Rauers, A., Blanke, E., & Riediger, M. (2013). Everyday empathic accuracy in younger and older couples: Do you need to see your partner to know his or her feelings? Psychological Science, 24(11), 2210–2217.

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Blanke, E. S. (2015). Recognizing others' thoughts and feelings: Empathic skills and their social implications in younger and older adults [PhD Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin].

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Blanke, E. (2011). Ich weiß, was du fühlst: Empathische Akkuratheit in Paarbeziehungen junger und älterer Erwachsener [Diploma Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin].
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