Publications of Rasmus Bruckner

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Nassar, M. R., Bruckner, R., & Frank, M. J. (2019). Statistical context dictates the relationship between feedback-related EEG signals and learning. eLife, 8, Article e46975.
Journal Article
van den Bos, W., Bruckner, R., Nassar, M. R., Mata, R., & Eppinger, B. (2018). Computational neuroscience across the lifespan: Promises and pitfalls. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 33, 42–53.
Journal Article
Nassar, M. R., Bruckner, R., Gold, J. I., Li, S.-C., Heekeren, H., & Eppinger, B. (2016). Age differences in learning emerge from an insufficient representation of uncertainty in older adults. Nature Communications, 7, Article 11609.

Preprint (2)

Bruckner, R., Heekeren, H. R., & Ostwald, D. (2020). Belief states and categorical-choice biases determine reward-based learning under perceptual uncertainty. BioRxiv, 24 September 2020.
Bruckner, R., Nassar, M. R., Li, S.-C., & Eppinger, B. (2020). Differences in adaptive learning across the lifespan are driven by satisficing (Version posted online June 8, 2021). PsyArXiv, 29 July 2020.
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