Publications of Juliane E. Kämmer

Journal Article (25)

Journal Article
Hautz, W. E., Kämmer, J. E., Schauber, S. K., Spies, C. D., & Gaissmaier, W. (2015). Diagnostic performance by medical students working individually or in teams. JAMA, 313(3), 303–304.
Journal Article
Analytis, P. P., Moussaïd, M., Artinger, F., Kämmer, J. E., & Gigerenzer, G. (2014). "Big data" needs an analysis of decision processes [Open peer commentary]. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 37(1), 76–78.
Journal Article
Kämmer, J. E., Gaissmaier, W., Reimer, T., & Schermuly, C. C. (2014). The adaptive use of recognition in group decision making. Cognitive Science, 38(5), 911–942.
Journal Article
Kämmer, J. E., Gaissmaier, W., & Czienskowski, U. (2013). The environment matters: Comparing individuals and dyads in their adaptive use of decision strategies. Judgment and Decision Making, 8(3), 299–329.
Journal Article
Moussaïd, M., Kämmer, J. E., Analytis, P. P., & Neth, H. (2013). Social influence and the collective dynamics of opinion formation. PLoS ONE, 8(11), Article e78433.

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Kämmer, J. E. (2013). How people make adaptive decisions with (the help of) others: Studies from an ecological rationality perspective [PhD Thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin].

Preprint (1)

Analytis, P. P., Delfino, A., Kämmer, J., Moussaïd, M., & Joachims, T. (2017). Ranking with social cues: Integrating online review scores and popularity information. arXiv, 1704.01213.
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