Publications of Torsten Reimer

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Journal Article
Kämmer, J. E., Gaissmaier, W., Reimer, T., & Schermuly, C. C. (2014). The adaptive use of recognition in group decision making. Cognitive Science, 38(5), 911–942.
Journal Article
Luan, S., Katsikopoulos, K. V., & Reimer, T. (2012). When does diversity trump ability (and vice versa) in group decision making? A simulation study. PLoS ONE, 7(2), Article e31043.
Journal Article
Hertwig, R., Herzog, S. M., Schooler, L. J., & Reimer, T. (2008). Fluency heuristic: A model of how the mind exploits a by-product of information retrieval. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34(5), 1191–1206.
(Reprinted in Heuristics: The foundations of adaptive behavior, pp. 541-560, by G. Gigerenzer, R. Hertwig, & T. Pachur, Eds., 2011, New York: Oxford University Press).
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