Publications of Sandra Düzel

Thesis - Master (3)

Thesis - Master
Trüggelmann, U., Kliegl, R., & Düzel, S. (2017). Selbstregulativer Prozess und subjektives Wohlbefinden über die Lebensspanne [Master's Thesis, Universität Potsdam].

Thesis - Bachelor (1)

Thesis - Bachelor
Dahm, J. (2019). Changes in brain structure and episodic memory after a physical exercise intervention in older adults [Bachelor Thesis, Universität Potsdam].

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Kroh, M., Lüdtke, D., Düzel, S., & Winter, F. (2016). Response error in a web survey and a mailed questionnaire: The role of cognitive functioning (SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research No. 888). DIW.

Issue (1)

Düzel, S., & Gerstorf, D. (Eds.). (2018). The (domain-differentiated) nature of future time perspective and its antecedents, correlates, and consequences [Special issue]. GeroPsych, 31(3).

Preprint (3)

Dahl, M. J., Bachman, S. L., Dutt, S., Düzel, S., Bodammer, N. C., Lindenberger, U., Kühn, S., Werkle-Bergner, M., & Mather, M. (2022). The integrity of dopaminergic and noradrenergic brain regions is associated with different aspects of late-life memory performance. BioRxiv, October 17, 2022.
Wenger, E., Düzel, S., Polk, S. E., Bodammer, N. C., Misgeld, C., Porst, J., Wolfrath, B., Kühn, S., & Lindenberger, U. (2022). Vamos en bici: Study protocol of an investigation of cognitive and neural changes following language training, physical exercise training, or a combination of both. BioRxiv, January 31, 2022.
Forlim, C. G., Haghiri, S., Düzel, S., & Kühn, S. (2019). Efficient small-world and scale-free functional brain networks at rest using k-nearest neighbors thresholding. BioRxiv, 628453.
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