Publications of Charley M. Wu

Conference Paper (7)

Conference Paper
Wu, C. M., Schulz, E., Garvert, M. M., Meder, B., & Schuck, N. W. (2018). Connecting conceptual and spatial search via a model of generalization. In C. Kalish, M. Rau, J. Zhu, & T. T. Rogers (Eds.), COGSCI 2018: Changing / minds. 40th Annual Cognitive Science Society Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, July 25-28 (pp. 1183–1188). Cognitive Science Society.
Conference Paper
Barkoczi, D., Analytis, P. P., & Wu, C. (2016). Collective search on rugged landscapes: A cross-environmental analysis. In A. Papafragou, D. Grodner, D. Mirman, & J. C. Trueswell (Eds.), Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 918–923). Cognitive Science Society.

Thesis - Master (1)

Thesis - Master
Wu, C. (2015). When the medium is the message: How presentation formats influence information search [Master's Thesis, Universität Wien].

Preprint (4)

Giron, A. P., Ciranka, S., Schulz, E., van den Bos, W., Ruggeri, A., Meder, B., & Wu, C. M. (2022). Developmental changes in learning resemble stochastic optimization. PsyArXiv, 4 April 2022.
Collins, R. N., Mandel, D. R., Karvetski, C. W., Wu, C. M., & Nelson, J. D. (2021). The wisdom of the coherent: Improving correspondence with coherence-weighted aggregation. PsyArXiv, 19 May 2021.
Wu, C. M., Ho, M. K., Kahl, B., Leuker, C., Meder, B., & Kurvers, R. H. J. M. (2021). Specialization and selective social attention establishes the balance between individual and social learning (Version posted online May 11, 2021). BioRxiv, 429553.
Wu, C. M., Schulz, E., Speekenbrink, M., Nelson, J. D., & Meder, B. (2017). Mapping the unknown: The spatially correlated multi-armed bandit. BioRxiv, 06286.
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