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Book Chapter
Kia, M. (2014). Imagining Iran before nationalism: Geocultural meanings of land in Azar's Atashkadah. In K. S. Aghaie & A. Marashi (Eds.), Rethinking Iranian nationalism and modernity (pp. 89–112). University of Texas Press.
Book Chapter
Kia, M. (2014). Adab as ethics of literary form and social conduct: Reading the Gulistan in late Mughal India. In A. Korangy & D. J. Sheffield (Eds.), No tapping around philology: A Festschrift in honor of Wheeler McIntosh Thackston Jr.'s 70th birthday (pp. 281–308). Harrassowitz.
Book Chapter
Kia, M. (2013). Limning the land: Social encounters and historical meaning in early nineteenth-century travelogues between Iran and India. In R. Micallef & S. Sharma (Eds.), On the wonders of land and sea (pp. 44–67). Ilex.

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Pernau, M., Jordheim, H., Saada, E., Bailey, C., Wigen, E., Bashkin, O., Kia, M., Singh, M., Majumdar, R., Messner, A. C., Benesch, O., Park, M., & Ifversen, J. (2015). Civilizing emotions: Concepts in nineteenth-century Asia and Europe. Oxford University Press.
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