Endocrine and Emotional Functioning Project (EE Project)

The project “On the interplay of endocrine functioning and socio-emotional competencies from adolescence to old age: Implications for emotional well-being and depressive disorders” investigates the interplay of endocrine processes with emotional well-being and depressive disorders. We hypothesize that cortisol and testosterone interact to influence how an individual experiences and regulates emotions, and that these socio-emotional competencies, in turn, serve as risk or resilience factors for mental health problems. Our developmental perspective spans the age range from adolescence to old age, and thus includes life phases with pronounced endocrine changes (i.e., puberty and menopause). The project is funded by the Focus Area “Disease in Human Aging: Dynamics at the Level of Molecules, Individuals, and Society” (DynAge) at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Mutter, Vater, Kind | Projekt "Endokrine Prozesse und Emotionen"
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