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Humans and Machines

The Center for Humans & Machines conducts interdisciplinary science, to understand, anticipate, and shape major disruptions from digital media and Artificial Intelligence to the way we think, learn, work, play, cooperate and govern.

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Canonical Papers

nature machine behavior

Machine Behavior

Machines powered by artificial intelligence increasingly mediate our social, cultural, economic and political interactions. Understanding the behavior of artificial intelligence systems is essential . . . Read more.

moral machine

The Moral Machine Experiment

Adoption of self-driving, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) promises to dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents. But some inevitable accidents will require AVs to make tradeoffs . . . Read more.

nature human behaviour

Bad Machines Corrupt Good Morals

As machines powered by AI influence humans’ behavior in ways that are both like and unlike the ways humans influence each other, worry emerges about the corrupting power of AI agents . . . Read more.

nature machine intelligence cover

Cooperating with Machines

We develop state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms that cooperate with people and other machines at levels that rival human cooperation in two-player repeated games . . . Read more.

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24 January 2019
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Efforts to Acknowledge the Risks of New A.I. Technology
22 October 2018
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