Deffner, Dominik

Postdoctoral Fellow

Main Focus

I am a computational behavioral scientist with training in psychology, evolutionary biology and statistics. Combining theoretical and empirical research, my overarching goal is to better understand how individuals, groups and populations adapt to changing and uncertain environments. I mostly use simulations as well as computational modeling of naturalistic group experiments and field data to study how culture and other collective dynamics emerge from individual decisions, facilitating the unique adaptability of our species.

Curriculum Vitae

2021 – now Postdoc at Science of Intelligence Excellence Cluster, TU Berlin.                                     
2018 – 2021 PhD (Dr.rer.nat.), Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Biology.
2016 – 2017 MSc, University of St Andrews, UK, Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology.
2012 – 2016 BSc, Philipps University Marburg, Psychology.
2012 – 2016 BA, Philipps University Marburg, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy.
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