Publications of Raymond J. Dolan

Journal Article (741)

Journal Article
Calloway, S. P., Dolan, R. J., Jacoby, R. J., & Levy, R. (1981). ECT and cerebral atrophy. A computed tomographic study. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 64, 442–445.

Book (3)

Dolan, R. J., & Sharot, T. (Eds.). (2012). Neuroscience of preference and choice: Cognitive and neural mechanisms. Academic Press.
Frackowiak, R. S. J., Friston, K. J., Frith, C. D., Dolan, R. J., Price, C. J., Zeki, S., Ashburner, J., & Penny, W. (2004). Human brain function (2nd ed.). Elsevier Academic Press.
Frackowiak, R. S. J., Frith, C. D., Friston, K. J., Dolan, R. J., & Mazziotta, J. (1997). Human brain function. Academic Press.

Book Chapter (31)

Book Chapter
Dolan, R. J. (2013). Part 3, Chapter (based upon an interview). In A. Rushbridger (Ed.), Play it again: An amateur against the impossible (pp. 111–119). Jonathan Cope.
Book Chapter
Dolan, R. J., & Seymour, B. (2013). Emotion, motivation and pain. In S. McMahon, M. Koltzenburg, I. Tracey, & D. Turk (Eds.), Wall & Melzack's textbook of pain (pp. 248–255). Elsevier.
Book Chapter
Dolan, R. J. (2009). Emotion: Neuroimaging. In L. R. Squire (Ed.), Encyclopedia of neuroscience: Vol. 3 (pp. 915–921). Academic Press.
Book Chapter
Dolan, R. J. (2009). The anatomy of human emotion. In A. Gelder, J. Lopez-Ibor, & J. Geddes (Eds.), New Oxford textbook of psychiatry. (2nd ed., pp. 257–262). Oxford University Press.
Book Chapter
Dolan, R. J. (2007). Aversive emotions: Imaging fear and other emotions. In L. R. Squire (Ed.), The new encyclopaedia of neuroscience. Elsevier.
Book Chapter
O'Doherty, J. P., & Dolan, R. J. (2006). The role of human orbitofrontal cortex in reward prediction and behavioural choice; insights from neuroimaging. In D. H. Zald & S. L. Rauch (Eds.), The oribitofrontal cortex (pp. 265–284). Oxford University Press.
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