Publications of Naftali Raz

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Book Chapter
Raz, N. (2020). Brains, hearts, and minds: Trajectories of neuroanatomical and cognitive change and their modification by vascular and metabolic factors. In The cognitive neurosciences (6th ed., pp. 61–79). MIT Press.
Book Chapter
Raz, N. (2019). Aging and the brain. In eLS [Encyclopedia of Life Sciences]. Wiley.
Book Chapter
Raz, N., & Kennedy, K. M. (2009). A systems approach to the aging brain: Neuroanatomic changes, their modifiers, and cognitive correlates. In Imaging the aging brain (pp. 43–70). Oxford University Press.
Book Chapter
Raz, N., & Nagel, I. E. (2007). Der Einfluss des Hirnalterungsprozesses auf die Kognition: Eine Integration struktureller und funktioneller Forschungsergebnisse. In Entwicklungspsychologie der Lebensspanne: Ein Lehrbuch (pp. 97–129). Kohlhammer.
Book Chapter
Raz, N., Rodrigue, K. M., & Haacke, E. M. (2007). Brain aging and its modifiers: Insights from in Vivo neuromorphometry and susceptibility weighted imaging. In Imaging and the aging brain (pp. 84–93). Blackwell.
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