Publications of Vanessa Gash

Working Paper (2)

Working Paper
Mertens, A., Gash, V., & McGinnity, F. (2005). The cost of flexibility at the margin: comparing the wage penalty for fixed-term contracts in Germany and Spain using quantile regression (Arbeitsberichte, Forschungsbereich Bildung, Arbeit und gesellschaftliche Entwicklung No. 2005).
Working Paper
Gash, V. (2004). Bridge or trap?: to what extent do temporary workers make more transitions to unemployment than to the standard emloyment contract ; a comparative analysis of Denmark, France and the United Kingdom (Arbeitsberichte / Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Forschungsbereich Bildung, Arbeit und Gesellschaftliche Entwicklung No. 2004/3).
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