Publications of Ralf Thomas Krampe

Journal Article (16)

Journal Article
Engbert, R., Krampe, R. T., Kurths, J., & Kliegl, R. (2002). Synchronizing movements with the metronome: Nonlinear error correction and unstable periodic orbits. Brain and Cognition, 48(1), 107–116.
Journal Article
Krampe, R. T. (2002). Aging, expertise and fine motor movement. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 26(7), 769–776.
Journal Article
Krampe, R. T., Engbert, R., & Kliegl, R. (2002). Representational models and nonlinear dynamics: Irreconcilable approaches to human movement timing and coordination or two sides of the same coin? Introduction. Brain and Cognition, 48(1), 1–6.
Journal Article
Krampe, R. T., Engbert, R., & Kliegl, R. (2002). The effects of expertise and age on rhythm production: Adaptations to timing and sequencing constraints. Brain and Cognition, 48(1), 179–194.
Journal Article
Krampe, R. T., Engbert, R., & Kliegl, R. (2001). Age-specific problems in rhythmic timing. Psychology and Aging, 16(1), 12–46.
Journal Article
Krampe, R. T., Kliegl, R., Mayr, U., Engbert, R., & Vorberg, D. (2000). The fast and the slow of skilled bimanual rhythm production: Parallel vs. integrated timing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 26(1), 206–233.

Book (1)

Krampe, R. T. (1994). Maintaining excellence: cognitive-motor performance in pianists differing in age and skill level. Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung.

Book Chapter (8)

Book Chapter
Schaefer, S., Krampe, R. T., & Lindenberger, U. (2009). Gleichzeitig Balancieren und Denkaufgaben bearbeiten: Altersbedingte Unterschiede zwischen Kindern und jungen Erwachsenen. In Gleichgewichts-Leistungen im Handlungsbezug: Aktuelle Arbeiten aus der Gleichgewichtsforschung (pp. 13–24). Czwalina.
Book Chapter
Krampe, R. T. (2006). Musical expertise from a lifespan perspective. In Musical expertise from a lifespan perspective (pp. 91–105). Lang.
Book Chapter
Li, K. Z. H., Krampe, R. T., & Bondar, A. (2005). An ecological approach to studying aging and dual-task performance. In Cognitive limitations in aging and psychopathology (pp. 190–218). Cambridge University Press.
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