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Journal Article
Raffington, L., Prindle, J. J., Keresztes, A., Binder, J., Heim, C., & Shing, Y. L. (2018). Blunted cortisol stress reactivity in low-income children relates to lower memory function. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 90, 110–121.
Journal Article
Bender, A. R., Prindle, J. J., Brandmaier, A. M., & Raz, N. (2016). White matter and memory in healthy adults: Coupled changes over two years. NeuroImage, 131, 193–204.
Journal Article
Brandmaier, A. M., Prindle, J. J., McArdle, J. J., & Lindenberger, U. (2016). Theory-guided exploration with structural equation model forests. Psychological Methods, 21(4), 566–582.
Journal Article
Yam, A., Gross, A. L., Prindle, J. J., & Marsiske, M. (2014). Ten-year longitudinal trajectories of older adults' basic and everyday cognitive abilities. Neuropsychology, 28(6), 819–828.
Journal Article
Prindle, J. J., & McArdle, J. J. (2013). How representative is the ACTIVE sample? a statistical comparison of the ACTIVE sample and the HRS sample. Journal of Aging and Health, 25(8S), 85S–102S.
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