Publications of Annika Wallin

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Journal Article
Wallin, A., Paradis, C., & Katsikopoulos, K. V. (2016). Evaluative polarity words in risky choice framing. Journal of Pragmatics, 106, 20–38.
Journal Article
Sahlin, N.-E., Wallin, A., & Persson, J. (2010). Decision science: From Ramsey to dual process theories. Synthese, 172(1), 129–143.
Journal Article
Katsikopoulos, K., Pachur, T., Machery, E., & Wallin, A. (2008). From Meehl to fast and frugal heuristics (and back): New insights into how to bridge the clinical - Actuarial divide. Theory & Psychology, 18(4), 443–464.
Reprinted in: Stam, H. J. (Eds.). (2011). Theoretical psychology - Contemporary readings. London, UK: Sage.
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