Publications of Bettina Hitzer

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Hitzer, B. (2020). The odor of disgust: Contemplating the dark side of 20th-century cancer history. Emotion Review, 12(3), 156–167.
Journal Article
Hitzer, B. (2020). Vom Lob der Offenheit: Sprechen über Krebs und Tod. Geschichte der Gegenwart, , Article 15 January 2020.
Journal Article
Hitzer, B. (2020). Zwischen Schuld, Angst und Hoffnung. Max-Planck-Forschung, (1), 16–21.
(Englisch translation: Between guilt, anxiety and hope, Max Planck Research, 1/2020,16-21) .
Journal Article
Eitler, P., Hitzer, B., & Scheer, M. (2014). Feeling and faith-religious emotions in German history. German History, 32(3), 343–352.
Journal Article
Hitzer, B. (2011). Emotionsgeschichte: Ein Anfang mit Folgen [Forschungsbericht]. H-Soz-u-Kult. Advance online publication.

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Hitzer, B. (2012). Materiality and emotions. In H. Flam (Ed.), Past, present and future of the research on emotions: Great 3-minutes-speeches (pp. 15–18).
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