Publications of Arndt Bröder

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Pachur, T., Bröder, A., & Marewski, J. N. (2008). The recognition heuristic in memory-based inference: Is recognition a non-compensatory cue? Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21(2), 183–210.
(Reprinted in Heuristics: The foundations of adaptive behavior, pp. 503-522, by G. Gigerenzer, R. Hertwig, & T. Pachur, Eds., 2011, New York: Oxford University Press).
Journal Article
Scheibehenne, B., & Bröder, A. (2007). Predicting Wimbledon 2005 tennis results by mere player name recognition. International Journal of Forecasting, 23(3), 415–426.
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