Publications of Jason Bassett

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Journal Article
Bassett, J., Gethmann, J., Blunk, P., Conraths, F. J., & Hövel, P. (2021). Individual-based model for the control of Bovine Viral Diarrhea spread in livestock trade networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 527, Article 110820.
Journal Article
Bassett, J., Pescetelli, N., Rutherford, A., & Cebrian, M. (2021). Time-critical decentralised situational awareness in emergencies: An adversarial biosecurity scenario. Applied Network Science, 6, Article 59.
Journal Article
Ligo, A. K., Rand, K., Bassett, J., Galaitsi, S. E., Trump, B. D., Jayabalasingham, B., Collins, T., & Linkov, I. (2021). Comparing the emergence of technical and social sciences research in artificial intelligence. Frontiers in Computer Science, 3, Article 653235.
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