Publications of Job J. Schepens

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Schepens, J. J., van der Slik, F., & van Hout, R. (2016). L1 and L2 Distance Effects in Learning L3 Dutch. Language Learning, 66(1), 224–256.
Journal Article
van der Slik, F. W. P., van Hout, R. W. N. M., & Schepens, J. J. (2015). The gender gap in second language acquisition: Gender differences in the acquisition of Dutch among immigrants from 88 countries with 49 mother tongues. PLoS ONE, 10(11), Article e0142056.

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Schepens, J. J., Hertwig, R., & van den Bos, W. (2017). Aging of the exploring mind: Older adults deviate more from optimality in complex choice environments. In G. Gunzelmann, A. Howes, T. Tenbrink, & E. Davelaar (Eds.), CogSci 2017: Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 3082–3087). Cognitive Science Society.
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