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Memory, lifestyle, and healthy aging - A neurobiological approach

Age-related changes in the episodic memory network and neuromodulation affect memory and motivation. There is growing consensus that lifestyle factors such as physical exercise, cognitive and social enrichment, and nutrition not only influence motivational aspects but also show effects on the brainstructure. However, it is still largely unknown how lifestyle and neurobiological factors interact. Recent neurobiological findings lead to a more positive view of cognitive aging: physical exercise, for example, seems to induce plasticity –also in the aging brain.

Within BASE-II, I will focus on investigating the interactions between lifestyle factors, cognitive, and neurobiological variables. I will further investigate a new concept, the „subjective health horizon,“ which offers an extended theoretical perspective from the „Selection- Optimization- Compensation-Theory“ (SOC) and the „Socio-Emotional-Selectivity Model.“ This new concept integrates recent neurobiological findings linking lifestyle factors such as physical activity, future thinking, motivation, and novelty, thus leading to new implications for healthy aging. To investigate the aforementioned relationships, I will combine structural imaging methods and psychosocial parameters using VBM and ROI-based analyses, among others.

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10/2010   Dr.rer.nat. (PhD); Magna cum laude; Faculty of Science; University of Magdeburg; Germany; Dissertation: „Healthy aging and memory. The influence of neuromodlatory and psychosocial factors.“; Advisors: Prof. Münte;

10/2005- 07/2007  visiting student at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL; UK

12/2004 –10/2010  PhD-student “healthy aging and memory: The influence of neuromodulatory and psycholsocial factors”; Department of neuropsychology, O.v.G. University Magdeburg, Germany, Advisors: Prof. Thomas Muente; Prof. Heinze

02/2001  Diploma in Health Science; University of Applied Science Magdeburg/Stendal, Germany; Advisors: Prof. Göpel

03/1996-02/2001 Study of Health Sciences; Department of social and health studies, Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Major: Health promotion and Health management

07/1995 Abitur; Gymnasium Burg, Germany

zuklappen Publications

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