Christina Leuker

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Predoctoral Fellow

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Short CV: 


since 2015: Predoctoral Fellow | thesis working title: “Ecological Rationality of Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty” | Max Planck Insitute for Human Development, Berlin; Center for Adaptive Rationality and Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock | Germany

2014: M.Sc. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience | Focus: Value-based decision-making | Freie Universität Berlin | Germany

2013: Visiting Graduate Student | Eye-tracking study on behavioral change in value-based decision-making | The University of Texas at Austin, Poldracklab & Imaging Research Center | Austin, TX, USA

2012: B.A. Liberal Arts and Sciences | Focus: Psychology, Microeconomics | University College Maastricht | The Netherlands

2011: Semester Abroad | Coursework in consumer behavior and Psychology in business | Singapore Management University | Singapore

2009: Marketing Professional | Apprenticeship | BBDO Group Germany & German Chamber of Commerce | Düsseldorf


Research Interests: 
  • value-based decision-making
  • ecological validity of lab experiments
  • methods: behavioral research, eyetracking, computational modeling
  • also interested in: science writing and science communication

Selected Literature: 

Leuker, C. (2014). Cue-approach training is not effector-specific: Dissociating motor effectors during training and probe. Master's thesis. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.


Popular Writing

"We Need to Save Ignorance From AI. In an age of all-knowing algorithms, how do we choose not to know?" Nautilus (June 2018), with Wouter van den Bos.

"To Read Someone's Mind, Look Into Their Eyes.Scientific American (September 2017), with Wouter van den Bos and Jon M Jachimowicz.

"I want it now! The Neuroscience of Teenage Impulsivity." Frontiers for Young Minds (May 2016), with Wouter van den Bos.

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Leuker, C., Pachur, T., Hertwig, R., & Pleskac, T. J. (2018). Exploiting risk-reward structures in decision making under uncertainty. Cognition, 175, 186-200. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2018.02.019
Full text

Leuker, C., Pachur, T., Hertwig, R., & Pleskac, T. J. (2018). Too good to be true? Psychological responses to surprising options in risk-reward environments. Open Science Framework, 2018. doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/XAUTN
Full text

Leuker, C., Samartzidis, L., Hertwig, R., & Pleskac, T. J. (2018). When money talks: Judging risk and coercion in high-paying clinical trials. PsyArXiv, 13 April 2018. doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/9P7CB
Full text

Leuker, C., Pleskac, T. J., Pachur, T., & Hertwig, R. (2017). How the mind exploits risk-reward structures in decisions under risk. In G. Gunzelmann, A. Howes, T. Tenbrink, & E. Davelaar (Eds.), Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2543-2548). London, UK: Cognitive Science Society.
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Bakkour, A., Leuker, C., Hover, A. M., Giles, N., Poldrack, R. A., & Schonberg, T. (2016). Mechanisms of choice behavior shift using cue-approach training. Frontiers in Psychology, 7:421. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00421
Full text

Leuker, C., & van den Bos, W. (2016). I want it now! The neuroscience of teenage impulsivity. Frontiers for Young Minds, 4:8. doi:10.3389/frym.2016.00008
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