At the moment, research at the Institute is primarily organized in four research centers:

Lise Meitner Group

The Max Planck Society has established the Lise Meitner Excellence Program in order to recruit and promote exceptionally qualified female scientists.

Max Planck Research Groups

The Max Planck Society offers gifted young scientists and researchers the possibility of independent scientific work through its Max Planck Research Groups.

Max Planck UCL Centre

Minerva + UCL Logo

The new Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research took up its work in April 2014. It is the result of the existing collaboration between the Max Planck Society and University College London that began in 2011.

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Harding Center for Risk Literacy

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Thanks to David Harding´s generous donation, the foundation of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy was enabled in 2009.


Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS) offer especially gifted students the possibility to work towards their Ph.D. exam in a structured program providing excellent research conditions:

Research Report

The Research Report is published every 3 years, in time for the Institute's Scientific Advisory Board meeting. It documents the Institute's scientific activities for the Report's respective period of time.