Revisiting the History of Emotions

June 10, 2024

A brand-new special issue maps the current field of historical emotion research.

Ute Frevert und Kerstin Maria Pahl (Hg.), „Revisiting the History of Emotions“, Geschichte und Gesellschaft 2023 [2024], Jg. 49, Heft 1.

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“Revisiting the History of Emotions”, edited by Ute Frevert and Kerstin Maria Pahl (Geschichte und Gesellschaft), brings together twelve scholars from such disciplines as history, cultural anthropology, sociology, and literary studies, to engage with the field’s directions and challenges in six co-written essays. The publication circles back to the very beginning of the Center, when a first special issue programmatically laid out what historical research into emotions could look like. As the field has expanded to an extent that was altogether unforeseeable fifteen years ago, the new issue adopts a more interdisciplinary and more global approach, presenting case studies from, among others, medieval Syria, contemporary Iran, twentieth-century Finland, and South Asia before the Common Era. It pays homage to sixteen years of innovative research and intense collaboration which has animated the Center for the History of Emotions since its inception

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