Mächtige Gefühle

The emotional worlds of Germans: Ute Frevert tells another story of the twentieth century.

September 23, 2020

Frevert, U. (2020). Mächtige Gefühle. Von A wie Angst bis Z wie Zuneigung – Deutsche Geschichte seit 1900. Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer Verlag.

Emotions make history. They steer and shape not only individuals but entire societies. Politicians use them, but can also trip over them. Ute Frevert charts a history of powerful feelings and what they achieved from the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, and the National Socialist regime, through East and West Germany to the new Federal Republic. She presents love and hate, shame and pride, outrage and grief in their changing forms and meanings.

The book follows on from the exhibition curated by Ute Frevert and her daughter Bettina Frevert, 'The power of emotions: Germany 19/19’, which has been shown at over 2500 locations.

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