Publications of Ludmila Müller

Book Chapter (15)

Book Chapter
Pawelec, G., & Müller, L. (2014). Immune compromise in the elderly. In K. E. Sullivan & E. R. Stiehm (Eds.), Stiehm's immune deficiencies (pp. 811–815). Elsevier.
Book Chapter
Müller, L., & Pawelec, G. (2013). Introduction to ageing of the adaptive immune system. In J. A. Bosch (Ed.), Immunosenescence: Psychological and behavioral determinants (pp. 17–33). Springer.
Book Chapter
Müller, L., Pawelec, G., & Derhovanessian, E. (2013). The immune system during aging. In P. Calder & P. Yaqoob (Eds.), Diet, immunity and inflammation (pp. 631–651). Woodhead Publishing.
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