Publications of Tomás Lejarraga

Journal Article (18)

Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., & Hertwig, R. (2017). How the threat of losses makes people explore more than the promise of gains. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 24(3), 708–720.
Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., & Müller-Trede, J. (2017). When experience meets description: How dyads integrate experiential and descriptive information in risky decisions. Management Science, 63(6), 1953–1971.
Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M., & Smedema, D. (2017). The pyeTribe: Simultaneous eyetracking for economic games. Behavior Research Methods, 49(5), 1769–1779.
Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., Pachur, T., Frey, R., & Hertwig, R. (2016). Decisions from experience: From monetary to medical gambles. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29(1), 67–77.
Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., Woike, J. K., & Hertwig, R. (2016). Description and experience: How experimental investors learn about booms and busts affects their financial risk taking. Cognition, 157, 365–383.
Journal Article
Hogarth, R. M., Lejarraga, T., & Soyer, E. (2015). The two settings of kind and wicked learning environments. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25(5), 379–385.
Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., Lejarraga, J., & Gonzalez, C. (2014). Decisions from experience: How groups and individuals adapt to change. Memory & Cognition, 42(8), 1384–1397.
Journal Article
Lejarraga, T., Hertwig, R., & Gonzalez, C. (2012). How choice ecology influences search in decisions from experience. Cognition, 124, 334–342.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Lejarraga, T., Woike, J. K., & Hertwig, R. (2019). Experiences and descriptions of financial uncertainty: Are they equivalent? In R. Hertwig, T. J. Pleskac, T. Pachur, & the Center for Adaptive Rationality, Taming uncertainty (pp. 191–205). MIT Press.
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