The Institute's Guest Program

Fellowships in Human Development

The guest program of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Human Development offers researchers the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in a MPI center or research group. The program serves to promote scientific exchange on all career levels, with a specific focus on young scientists and scholars via Junior Fellowships.

This program is for graduates and pre-PhD researchers.

For young researchers who have not yet completed their PhD, a Junior Fellowship is granted for no more than six months.

So-called Senior Fellowships for researchers with a doctoral degree can last up to two years. Please note that only graduates who come from abroad or work at a non-German university or research institution are eligible to apply for this type of fellowship.

As a rule, the fellowship is linked to a stipend. Contracts of employment in the context of a Senior Fellowship are also possible in some cases.

The guest program has the status of an award.

In order to take into account the disciplinary heterogeneity of the institute, the guest program is divided into thematically different branches: “Lifespan Science,” “Adaptive Rationality,“ “Humans and Machines,“and “History of Emotions.“ The selection of the guests is carried out by appropriate stipend committees involving the MPI directors and/or the research group heads.

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