Main Focus

  • Search and exploration
  • Causal induction
  • Cognitive development
  • Judgment and decision making
  • (Bounded) Rationality and heuristics
  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Behavioral insights

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Selected Publications

Meder, B., Nelson, J.D., Jones, M., & Ruggeri, A. (2019). Stepwise versus globally optimal search in children and adults. Cognition. Code and data:

Meder, B., Fleischhut, N., Krumnau, N.-C., & Waldmann, M. R. (2019). How should autonomous cars drive? A preference for defaults in moral judgments under risk and uncertainty. Risk Analysis39, 295–314. Code and data: https: //

Wu, C. M., Schulz, E., Speekenbrink, M., Nelson, J.D., & Meder, B. (2018) Generalization guides human exploration in vast decision-spaces. Nature Human Behaviour2, 915-924. Code and data: gridsearch.

Meder, B. & Mayrhofer, R. (2017). Diagnostic causal reasoning with verbal information. Cognitive Psychology96, 54–84. Code and data: https://osf. io/gc2nd/

Meder, B., Mayrhofer, R., & Waldmann, M. (2014). Structure induction in diagnostic causal reasoning. Psychological Review, 121, 277–301. Code:

Meder, B., Le Lec, F., & Osman, M. (2013). Decision making in uncertain times: what can cognitive and decision sciences say about or learn from economic crises? Trends in Cognitive Sciences17, 257–260.

Curriculum Vitae


2003 M.Sc. (Diplom),  Psychology, University of Göttingen

2006 PhD (Dr. rer. nat.),  Psychology, 2006, University of Göttingen

Professional positions and affiliations

since April 2019 Stand-in professor (Vertretungsprofessur, W3), University of Erfurt

since January 2019 Associated member, Center for Empirical Research in Economics and Behavioral Sciences (CEREB), University of Erfurt

since October 2018 Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Research Group iSearch, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

since September 2018 Associate Researcher, Center for Adaptive Rationality, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

2012-2018 Research scientist, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

2008-2011 Postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

2006-2008 Postdoctoral researchers, University of Göttingen

2003-2006 Predoctoral researcher, University of Göttingen

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