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Yang, J. S., Cuomo, R. E., Purushothaman, V., Nali, M., Shah, N., Bardier, C., Obradovich, N., & Mackey, T. (2021). Campus smoking policies and smoking-related Twitter posts originating from California public universities: Retrospective study. JMIR Formative Research, 5(12), Article e33331.
Cai, M., Shah, N., Li, J., Chen, W.-H., Cuomo, R. E., Obradovich, N., & Mackey, T. K. (2020). Identification and characterization of tweets related to the 2015 Indiana HIV outbreak: A retrospective infoveillance study. PLoS ONE, 15(8), Article e0235150.
Cuomo, R. E., Cai, M., Shah, N., Li, J., Chen, W.-H., Obradovich, N., & Mackey, T. K. (2020). Characterising communities impacted by the 2015 Indiana HIV outbreak: A big data analysis of social media messages associated with HIV and substance abuse. Drug and Alcohol Review, 39(7), 908–913.
Moore, F. C., & Obradovich, N. (2020). Using remarkability to define coastal flooding thresholds. Nature Communications, 11, Article 530.
Obradovich, N., & Rahwan, I. (2019). Risk of a feedback loop between climatic warming and human mobility. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 16(158), Article 20190058.

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Serna, I., Morales, A., Fierrez, J., Cebrian, M., Obradovich, N., & Rahwan, I. (2020). Algorithmic discrimination: Formulation and exploration in deep learning-based face biometrics. In H. Espinoza, J. Hernández-Orallo, X. C. Chen, S. S. ÓhÉigeartaigh, X. Huang, M. Castillo-Effen, R. Mallah, & J. McDermid (Eds.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety (SafeAI 2020): Co-located with 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2020). New York, USA, Feb 7, 2020 (pp. 146–152). RWTH.

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Obradovich, N., & Minor, K. (2022). Identifying and preparing for the mental health burden of climate change. JAMA Psychiatry (No. 79).
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