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Journal Article
Kaar, S. J., Nottage, J. F., Angelescu, I., Marques, T. R., & Howes, O. D. (2023). Gamma oscillations and potassium channel modulation in schizophrenia: Targeting GABAergic dysfunction. Clinical EEG and Neuroscience. Advance online publication.
Journal Article
Angelescu, I., Kaar, S. J., Marques, T. R., Borgan, F., Veronesse, M., Sharman, A., Sajjala, A., Deakin, B., Hutchison, J., Large, C., & Howes, O. D. (2022). The effect of AUT00206, a Kv3 potassium channel modulator, on dopamine synthesis capacity and the reliability of [18F]-FDOPA imaging in schizophrenia. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 36(9), 1061–1069.
Journal Article
Low, A. A. Y., Hopper, W. J. T., Angelescu, I., Mason, L., Will, G.-J., & Moutoussis, M. (2022). Self-esteem depends on beliefs about the rate of change of social approval. Scientific Reports, 12, Article 6643.
Journal Article
Angelescu, I., Brugger, S. P., Borgan, F., Kaar, S. J., & Howes, O. D. (2021). The magnitude and variability of brain structural alterations in bipolar disorder: A double meta-analysis of 5534 patients and 6651 healthy controls. Journal of Affective Disorders, 291, 171–176.
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