Publications of Margrit Pernau

Book Chapter (39)

Book Chapter
Pernau, M. (2003). Motherhood and female identity: Religious advice literature for women in German catholicism and Indian islam. In M. Pernau, I. Ahmad, & H. Reifeld (Eds.), Family and gender: Changing values in Germany and India (pp. 140–161). Sage.
Book Chapter
Pernau, M. (2003). Preparing a meeting-ground: C. F. Andrews, St. Stephen's, and the Delhi College; an introduction. In C. F. Andrews (Ed.), Zaka Ullah of Delhi (pp. XLVII-LXXV). Oxford University Press.
Book Chapter
Pernau, M. (2003). Family: A gendering and gendered space. Introduction. In M. Pernau, I. Ahmad, & H. Reifeld (Eds.), Family and gender: Changing values in Germany and India (pp. 9–33). Sage.
Book Chapter
Pernau, M. (2002). Handlungskompetenz im Harem: Mädchenerziehung im indischen Fürstenstaat Hyderabad. In H. Fischer-Tiné (Ed.), Handeln und Verhandeln: Kolonialismus, transkulturelle Prozesse und Handlungskompetenz (pp. 91–121). LIT-Verlag.

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Pernau, M. (2022). Gengo to kanjō - gengo wo koeru kanjō (Language and emotions - Emotions beyond language). In FINDAS International Conference Series (Vol. 7, pp. 5–15). Tokyo University / The Center for South Asian Studies (FINDAS).

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Wodzicki, L. (2021). The virtuous: Political communication between the Italian states and the Ottoman Empire in the age of Mehmet II (1453-1481) [PhD Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin].

Issue (4)

Pernau, M. (Ed.). (2021). Emotions in South Asia [Special issue]. South Asian History and Culture, 12(2-3).
Pernau, M. (Ed.). (2019). Nuevos caminos de la historia conceptual [Dossier especial]. Conceptos Históricos, 8(5).
Pernau, M. (Ed.). (2018). Neue Wege der Begriffsgeschichte [Themenheft]. Geschichte und Gesellschaft, 44(1).
(Spanish translation: Dossier especial: Nuevos caminos de la historica conceptual, Conceptos Históricos, 5(8), 2019).
Pernau, M. (Ed.). (2017). Feeling communities [Special issue]. Indian Economic and Social History Review, 54(1).
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