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Tunçgenç, B., Newson, M., Sulik, J., Zhao, Y., Dezecache, G., Deroy, O., & El Zein, M. (2022). Social alignment matters: Following pandemic guidelines is associated with better wellbeing. BMC Public Health, 22, Article 821.
Newson, M., Zhao, Y., El Zein, M., Sulik, J., Dezecache, G., Deroy, O., & Tunçgenç, B. (2021). Digital contact does not promote wellbeing, but face-to-face contact does: A cross-national survey during the COVID-19 pandemic. New Media & Society. Advance online publication.
Sulik, J., Deroy, O., Dezecache, G., Newson, M., Zhao, Y., El Zein, M., & Tunçgenç, B. (2021). Facing the pandemic with trust in science. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 8, Article 301.
Tunçgenç, B., El Zein, M., Sulik, J., Newson, M., Zhao, Y., Dezecache, G., & Deroy, O. (2021). Social influence matters: We follow pandemic guidelines most when our close circle does. British Journal of Psychology, 112(3), 763–780.
El Zein, M., & Bahrami, B. (2020). Joining a group diverts regret and responsibility away from the individual. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: B, Biological Sciences, 287, Article 20192251.

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