Publications of Bastien Blain

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Journal Article
Globig, L. K., Blain, B., & Sharot, T. (2022). Perceptions of personal and public risk: Dissociable effects on behavior and well‑being. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 64, 213–234.
Journal Article
Chew, B., Blain, B., Dolan, R. J., & Rutledge, R. B. (2021). A neurocomputational model for intrinsic reward. The Journal of Neuroscience, 41(43), 8963–8971.
Journal Article
Blain, B., & Rutledge, R. B. (2020). Momentary subjective well-being depends on learning and not reward. eLife, 9, Article e57977.
Journal Article
Blain, B., Schmit, C., Aubry, A., Hausswirth, C., Le Meur, Y., & Pessiglione, M. (2019). Neuro-computational impact of physical training overload on economic decision-making. Current Biology, 29(19), 3289–3297.
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