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Journal Article
Moran, R., Liesefeld, H. R., Usher, M., & Müller, H. J. (2017). An appeal against the item's death sentence: Accounting for diagnostic data patterns with an item-based model of visual search. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40, 35–37.
Journal Article
Müller, H. J., Liesefeld, H. R., Moran, R., & Usher, M. (2017). Parallel attentive processing and pre-attentive guidance. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40, 37–38.
Journal Article
Fitzgerald, T. H. B., Moran, R., Friston, K. J., & Dolan, R. J. (2015). Precision and neuronal dynamics in the human posterior parietal cortex during evidence accumulation. NeuroImage, 107, 219–228.
Journal Article
Friston, K. J., Shiner, T., Fitzgerald, T. H. B., Galea, J. M., Adams, R., Brown, H., Dolan, R. J., Moran, R., Stephan, K. E., & Bestmann, S. (2012). Dopamine, affordance and active inference. PLoS Computational Biology, 8(1), Article e1002327.
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