Publications of Özgür Şimşek

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Katsikopoulos, K. V., Şimşek, Ö., Buckmann, M., & Gigerenzer, G. (2022). Transparent modeling of influenza incidence: Big data or a single data point from psychological theory? International Journal of Forecasting, 38(2), 613–619.

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Şimşek, Ö., & Buckmann, M. (2015). Learning from small samples: An analysis of simple decision heuristics. In C. Cortes, N. D. Lawrence, D. D. Lee, M. Sugiyama, & R. Garnett (Eds.), Advances in neural information processing systems (NIPS 2015) [Online version] (Vol. 28, pp. 3141–3149). Curran Associates.
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