Publications of Aleksandra Litvinova

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Litvinova, A., Herzog, S. M., Kall, A. A., Pleskac, T. J., & Hertwig, R. (2020). How the "wisdom of the inner crowd" can boost accuracy of confidence judgments. Decision, 7(3), 183–211.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Herzog, S. M., Litvinova, A., Yahosseini, K. S., Tump, A. N., & Kurvers, R. H. J. M. (2019). The ecological rationality of the wisdom of crowds. In R. Hertwig, T. J. Pleskac, T. Pachur, & the Center for Adaptive Rationality, Taming uncertainty (pp. 245–262). MIT Press.

Preprint (1)

Litvinova, A., Kurvers, R. H. J. M., Hertwig, R., & Herzog, S. M. (2019). When experts make inconsistent decisions. PsyArXiv, 14 August 2019.
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