Publications of Florian Schmiedek

Journal Article (69)

Journal Article
Li, S.-C., Schmiedek, F., Huxhold, O., Röcke, C., Smith, J., & Lindenberger, U. (2008). Working memory plasticity in old age: Practice gain, transfer, and maintenance. Psychology and Aging, 23(4), 731–742.
Journal Article
Ratcliff, R., Schmiedek, F., & McKoon, G. (2008). A diffusion model explanation of the worst performance rule for reaction time and IQ. Intelligence, 36(1), 10–17.
Journal Article
Lindenberger, U., Li, S.-C., Lövdén, M., & Schmiedek, F. (2007). The Center for Lifespan Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development: Overview of conceptual agenda and illustration of research activities. International Journal of Psychology, 42(4), 229–242.
Journal Article
Schmiedek, F., Oberauer, K., Wilhelm, O., Süß, H.-M., & Wittmann, W. W. (2007). Individual differences in components of reaction time distributions and their relations to working memory and intelligence. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 136(3), 414–429.
Journal Article
Huxhold, O., Li, S.-C., Schmiedek, F., & Lindenberger, U. (2006). Dual-tasking postural control: aging and the effects of cognitive demand in conjunction with focus of attention. Brain Research Bulletin, 69, 294–305.
Journal Article
Li, S.-C., Huxhold, O., & Schmiedek, F. (2004). Aging and attenuated processing robustness: Evidence from cognitive and sensorimotor functioning. Gerontology, 50(1), 28–34.
Journal Article
Schmiedek, F., & Li, S.-C. (2004). Toward an alternative representation for disentangling age-associated differences in general and specific cognitive abilities. Psychology and Aging, 19(1), 40–56.
Journal Article
Wilhelm, O., Schulze, R., Schmiedek, F., & Süß, H.-M. (2003). Interindividuelle Unterschiede im typischen intellektuellen Engagement. Diagnostica, 49(2), 49–60.
Journal Article
Li, S.-C., & Schmiedek, F. (2002). Age is not necessarily aging: Another step towards understanding the "clocks" that time aging. Gerontology, 48(1), 5–12.

Book Chapter (12)

Book Chapter
Schmiedek, F., Lövdén, M., & Lindenberger, U. (2020). Training working memory for 100 days: The COGITO study. In J. M. Novick, M. F. Bunting, M. R. Dougherty, & R. W. Engle (Eds.), Cognitive and working memory training: Perspectives from psychology, neuroscience, and human development (pp. 40–57). Oxford University Press.
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