Publikationen von Elisabeth Wenger

Hochschulschrift - Bachelor (3)

Hochschulschrift - Bachelor
Koustakas, T. (2021). Resting state functional connectivity predicts performance in an interval-identification musical task [Bachelorarbeit, Freie Universität Berlin].
Hochschulschrift - Bachelor
Akhter-Khan, S. C. (2018). Investigating neural substrates of fluid intelligence in older adults: A Cross-sectional baseline analysis [Bachelorarbeit, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin].
Hochschulschrift - Bachelor
Kamp, F. (2018). Differences in pitch processing between amateur and aspiring professional musicians during an auditory oddball task [Bachelorarbeit, Freie Universität Berlin].

Preprint (1)

Wenger, E., Düzel, S., Polk, S. E., Bodammer, N. C., Misgeld, C., Porst, J., Wolfrath, B., Kühn, S., & Lindenberger, U. (2022). Vamos en bici: Study protocol of an investigation of cognitive and neural changes following language training, physical exercise training, or a combination of both. BioRxiv, January 31, 2022.
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